Vision and Mission

VISION: To inform, encourage and activate the community of Hout Bay for the common good.

MISSION STATEMENT:  To generate public awareness in order

- To harness the energy of the community for action, and

- To provide community-based information to decision-makers for the betterment of Hout Bay.


As a Community-based organization (CBO) we have no real decision-making power.   But, we can bring issues of community concern to the attention of the Authorities through the various public participation mechanisms available.  In this way we can sometimes influence decisions by the Council (and occasionally by the Province), particularly now that Public Participation is a Constitutional requirement.

We have found, in practise, that most activity in the committee has tended to focus on planning and environmental issues, involving land-use and development, spatial planning, roads and engineering, signage, building regulations and environmental conservation.  These areas are particularly relevant to Hout Bay where space is at a premium, infrastructures (roads in particular) are overloaded and the natural and cultural environments need protection for the benefit of current and future generations. 

Of particular relevance here, is that our beautiful natural environment (together with our diverse cultural heritage) forms the basic resource on which our economy hinges and as such must be protected in the interests of sustainable development

In these pursuits, we co-operate with other civic and environmental groups in the Hout Bay / Llandudno area and beyond, either on an ad hoc basis or, more formally, by way of such bodies such as the Ward 74 Committee , the Hout Bay and Llandudno Environmental Conservation Group (ECG) and the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance (GCTCA). 


We also involve ourselves in other relevant areas, like law enforcement and policing, health and other social issues. Our Association is represented on the Community Policing Forum, the Health Forum, Coast Care, and on various ad hoc fora that may arise from time to time, such as the Commonage Committee, the Chapman’s Peak Drive working group, and others.

We encourage residents to join our Association

and help care for Hout Bay